The financing offer is indicative and is subject to further evaluation by the financial companie offering you the loan. You can apply for loans with a minimum financing amount of R 100 and a maximum of R 250.000, to be repaid over a period of 61 days to 20 years. The minimum annual nominal interest rate (TIN) is 0% and the maximum is 36%. The minimum annual percentage rate (APR) is 3% and the maximum is 36%. The TIN and APR may vary depending on the user's profile and the selected product. All this information will be detailed prior to the granting of the loan. Creditio helps you obtain online financing, and this service is 100% free, independent of any charges for credit analysis by any entity. For example, for a loan of R 5.000 with a repayment period of 67 days, the costs will be R 0, and the total amount to be repaid will be R 5.000 with an APR of 0%.